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Will these abandoned T tunnels be turned into tourist attractions?

Two local architects hoping to turn abandoned underground MBTA tunnels into space for artists, and retail shops are making a concerted effort to push their plans forward.

Sapir Ng and Andrzej Zarzycki, the creative duo behind the “Tremont Underground Theater Space” proposal, met with students from Suffolk University’s Future Investors in Real Estate group to discuss their idea to revitalize unused T tunnels and turn them into tourist attractions.

Students were receptive to the concept and offered a handful of ideas to revamp the space that would allow patrons to walk under the streets, connecting them to various city points, while viewing art and theater acts along the way.

“You could have different themes with different city events, or you could have an interactive digital experience down there,” said Ronnie Marini, president of FIRE.

The meeting with the students was a first step for Ng and Zarzycki, as they look to form a coalition to help fund and bring the project to fruition.

“We have reached out to some communities who have showed support. What we want is to have a more formal list of groups interested in helping push the project forward and help sponsor the idea,” said Ng.

Ng said they have also reached out to T officials to pitch their proposal, and are awaiting a tentative meeting confirmation with the appropriate departments.

Members of TUTS touted the opportunity to raise revenue for the T by charging people entrance fees in the tunnels.

Ng and his partner have also unveiled a plan to extend the project to tunnels in Harvard Square once the Tremont Street proposal moves forward.

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