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Will you get the flu vaccine?

University of Calgary disease experts are getting their H1N1 vaccinations — are you?

The Canadian government approved H1N1 vaccines this week and the Alberta Health Services will dole the shots out Monday.

U of C infectious disease specialist Howard Ceri said some are concerned about risks, but he said he believes the benefits far outweigh any consequences.

“There is always a risk anytime you put something into your body, but the chance of anything happening is one in a million and if people risk not taking the vaccine, I would say they are being foolhardy,” Ceri said, adding he is “waiting for his.”

“We are lucky science has allowed us the chance to make vaccines, and that’s what they are here for, to fight disease.”

However, Kathy Czar, a cattle rancher from Hanna, Alta., said she is one of a growing population against vaccines after researching medical science for the past six years.

“I will not be getting it. And I think people should do more research before they buy into stuff like this. I think people have their blinders on,” she said, noting concern about associated health risks.

Czar said a “vaccination awareness tour” in Alberta this week reinforced her opinion about vaccinations.

However, Ceri said the undue fear of the vaccine is the real hazard.

“Why are you scared of something that is going to help you?”

Mark Sampson of Calgary said despite the controversy, he will be in line to get his shot.

“I figure I will take my chances. The chances of getting the flu is higher than the chances of anything happening to me with the shot,” he said.

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