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‘William and Kate’: How much can we make fun of Lifetime’s Royal Wedding movie?

Lifetime’s long-gestating Royal Wedding drama “William and Kate” finally premiered last night and the results were as awesomely stiff and uncomfortable as we expected. If you like your cheese with unconvincing British accents, well, let’s just say you can finally stop watching “Notting Hill” on repeat.

We’ve embedded our favorite clip below, and included sample dialogue, so you can all talk along. Let’s get this “William and Kate” cult thing up to the level of “The Room”! If we can dream it, we can be it!

“Stop and talk to me!”
“It’s like I wasn’t there. Like I didn’t even exist.”
“I should have explained it better. When I’m with my family in public, I need to behave a certain way. This is my life.”
“I thought I was part of your life.”
“You are a part of my life — you’re part of my private life, not part of my public life!”

Get quoting! And then check out Gawker’s rip of an Alpine karaoke scene that is simultaneously groan-inducing and slightly insulting to the memory of Heath Ledger.

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