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Wine drinkers are the picture of happiness

If you want to get people talking, give them wine. While that’s not strictly scientific fact, it certainly worked for Brazilian photographerMarcosAlberti,who snapped his friends looking merry after one, two, then three glassesof vino for his series “3 Glasses Later.”

What is the story behind this project?

I started to drink wine a month before this project.I wanted to make a tributeto wine. When I started doing some research on the Internet, I noticed that I was only finding bad things about alcohol, in general. Of course, alcohol has a bad side, but if you drink responsibly, surrounded by your friends and in a good environment, alcohol can be good. I wanted to show the good side of it.

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How did you convince your friends to take part in this funny project?

When I decided to start this project, I did a test-run with an assistant. I sent the photos to my friends who loved the idea and decided to get involved.

Were there any particularly funny moments?

Well, I finished thephoto shootafter three glasses, but everyone was still drinking wine after that, including me. So thatnight, a model asked me to take a picture of her inside my fridge. It didn’t work as expected.

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How much wine did you need for the project?

I went to the market one day and bought 100 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, because Cabernet is one of the most popular wines.

According to your experience, what are the effectsof three glasses of wine on people’s moods?

Everyone starts to feel relaxed, and tell personal stories,and there’s a lot more laughter. I invited friends from different friendship groups on the same day and it was interestinghow they interacted more after just the first glass.

– By DanielCasillas

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