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Wines to leave you tickled pink

It’s the week for pink. And we’re not talking Blush wines. Some folks still have trouble believing that pink-coloured wine can actually be good. Understandable, because there’s a long history of ‘poor pinks’ on the market. But did you know that today’s fastest growing wine style is dry Rosé? Pink is cool.

And sparkling pink is even cooler. There is no better love found in a bottle of wine. I’m offering three recommendations ranging from inexpensive to premium. Choose the Freixenet or the Langlois-Chateau (at Vintages) if you prefer easy-drinking wines and the evening is casual, and the Pelham if your taste is for very dry, Champagne-style sparklers. Perhaps to start a fancy dinner.

If you’re not doing pink, or are looking for a white or red to follow, then it’s time for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The seducers of the white and red wine world.

Le Clos Jordanne 06 Chardonnay is expensive and only at Vintages, but it has blockbuster flavour and richness. White wine with the intensity of Cognac. Equally good before and after. Pinot Noir is called the lover’s red because of its delicacy and charm. More warm and sultry than rich or powerful. Partner with middle eastern spices for even more fun. A dash of cumin works wonders.

P.S. For more Valentine picks check out www.billysbestbottles.com.

Freixenet Brut ‘Cordon Rosado’, Spain352369 $12.95
Langlois-Chateau Brut Rosé, Loire, France 92940 $21.95
Henry of Pelham Brut Rosé ‘Cuvee Catharine’, Niagara 4051 $29.75
Le Clos Jordanne 06 Chardonnay ‘Claystone Terrace’, Niagara 56929 $40.00
Stoneleigh 07 Pinot Noir, Marlborough, South Africa 54353 $19.75

Pre Valentine: On Thursday the 12th the Verity Club on Queen East is hosting an evening of Fine Wine, Fine Jewellery and Fine Chocolate. The wines will be from South Africa and available for purchase at LCBO the following Saturday. Tickets only $40 in advance from www.winesofsouthafrica.ca

Check out some wonderful wines from South Africa at this Saturday’s Vintages release. My picks are posted on www.billysbestbottles.com.

Post Valentine: Furbi & 4B is the title of an evening of Italian food, wine and fun at Grano Restaurant. Furbi means clever and the four B’s are for Baco Noir, Barbera, Berkshire Pork and Angelo Bean – the host extraordinaire. Thursday Feb 19 at 2035 Yonge Street. Cost is $75 for full belly, full taxes and full gratuities. 416-440-1986

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