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Winter blizzard blows Boston Yeti back into town

You might have seen his lurking, furry figure frolicking around in the snow this weekend.

Or, maybe you bumped into him at Union Square Donuts in Somerville.

After a mild winter gave way to some serious snowfall over the last few days, Boston’s beloved Yeti was back on the prowl.

Lured by the snowfall, he could be seen over the weekend shoveling out driveways and snacking on his favorite treats (orange cardamom and poppy seed doughnuts).

The Boston Yeti, somewhat elusive, yet social media savvy — and an apparent brand spokesman — first revealed himself to the city in the winter of 2015. It was then he provided some help with shoveling and much-needed comic relief amid the hammering blizzards that buried the city under 100 inches of snow.

Unless you happen to run into the yeti during a winter storm, he can prove hard to find.

He’s been toying with the idea of setting up a yeti signal so that city folks can easily call on him, but for now you can follow along with the yeti’s adventures onTwitter @BostonYeti2015and onInstagramat @thebostonyeti_official.

“If anyone out there has experience building signals of this magnitude please get in touch,” the yeti asked during an email interview with Metro on Monday. Yes, the yeti does speak, and he has a lot to say:

Where was the yeti born? Are you a Boston native or did you migrate here from other lands?

I’m a true Boston native! Like many of my cryptic comrades (the Dover Demon in nearby Dover, MA, the New Jersey Devil, Champy up in Lake Champlain) I’m rather shy and have felt self-conscious about stepping out into society. In 2015, I saw all of the snow falling and thought it would be a good time to slowly introduce myself to the state, country and world. So far I’ve been well received, but I’m still shy.

We haven’t seen much of the yeti this winter, what do you do during hibernation?

I’ve been keeping busy this winter. My friends at Union Square Donuts in Somerville taught me how to make cappuccinoand in January I caught up with some great folks at Polartec (creators of fleece!) to help spread the word about a fabulous event they have coming up onSaturday, Feb. 25in Waterville, N.H., called FattyFest. It’s all about riding fat bikes. I had never heard of fat bikes before, but after riding one I knew right away they were definitely made for Yetis.

I’m the most excited about a new project in which I’vepartnered with a Boston-based company to do some real good in the city of Boston. As I’ve been hinting at on social media: Good is coming! More info on that will be coming in March.

As Bostonians, we’re more inclined to trust a yeti than a groundhog – does the yeti have any special forecasts for what’s left of winter?

I predict more snowstorms! But fear not, Bostonians, as I’m always available to lend a helping claw and shovel you out. As fun as these February storms have been, I could use more wind. I bought a kite over the summer and have been just itching to fly it.

Does the yeti take the T to get around? If yes, how easy has it been to get around this time versus during the 2015 storms?

You know, I’ve only taken the T once and it wasn’t a fun experience. Not because of anything the MBTA did but because I missed my stop. I got on the red line train in Davis Square with the intention of going to Park Street in order to visit a friend who often frequents the Boston Commons (do you know Keytar Bear?) But I fell asleep and ended up in Braintree.

How does the yeti spend its summer months?

I’ve got a friend, Lauren, (a human, not a yeti) who has been teaching me how to swim. Getting the wet suits on and off can be tricky, but other than that I really enjoy it. When it gets too hot you can usually find me nestled in the corner of a screening room in either the Coolidge Corner Theatre or the Brattle Theatre. A couple of years ago I hosted a screening of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer at the Brattle Theatre! It was a blast. I even wore my corduroy blazer in honor of the special occasion.

We saw you were hanging out atUnion Square Donutsthe other day, what’s in the yeti diet and what are your favorite blizzard snacks?

I love Union Square Donuts. They just recently brought back the orange cardamom and poppy seed doughnut which is my absolute favorite. I used to be vegan but I missed cheese too much. When I’m not nibbling on doughnuts I love popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and snow cones. For something warmer I often enjoy sipping on a non-alcoholic hot toddy.

How does the yeti stay in shape munching out on doughnuts?

Since I don’t have a driver’s license (I failed the test. You try parallel parking with size 32 feet!) I walk almost everywhere. This helps burn calories and keep me fit. That and doing my yoga. I also tried P90x a few times but kept overheating.

Is the yeti a girl or a boy and does the yeti have a family? Partner?

I suppose by human standards I would technically be referred to as “a dude.” This past October I did marry my best friend in what was a glorious ceremony full of friends (some furry, some not) and wonderful food prepared by my longtime pals at KO Pies. We also had some of my favorites including those snow cones I mentioned earlier and we even had expensive bottles of my favorite Chardonnayeti for toasting.

What’s a little-known fact about the Boston Yeti?

A lot of people don’t know that I’m a huge fan of the Boston Red Sox. I’ve been following them for years. I remember one summer a camper accidentally left their small, battery-operated radio in the woods, so I took it home with me and used to listen to all of the games on it. If I had a dollar for every night I dozed off listening to Joe Castiglione call those games… How I long to visit Fenway Park!

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