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Wiseguys, little guy brand their own drinks

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HBO has licensed the Sopranos brand to a line of Italian sodas, a QSR news story reports.

DRINKS ON THE HOUSE: Because there’s no word for “shame” in Hollywood, it seems that Danny DeVito has launched his own brand of limoncello – a sweet, lemon-flavoured liqueur that you can’t escape an Italian wedding without drinking – at the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla. According to an Access Hollywood story, Danny DeVito’s Premium Limoncello is “best limoncello you ever tasted,” according to the actor, who should know, having blamed his off-the-wall appearance on The View last fall on excessive consumption of the stuff – a story backed up by his pal George Clooney, who said that he was dumping shots into a potted plant when DeVito wasn’t looking.

When he appeared on The View, according to the story, he “slurred his speech and used some bad language when joking about President Bush, among other gaffes.” (Considering what’s been said by View host Rosie O’Donnell in the last few months, why they consider DeVito’s performance – calling Bush “numb nuts” and something else that was bleeped – a “gaffe” seems mysterious, considering the context.)

In related beverage news, HBO has licensed the Sopranos brand to a line of Italian sodas, according to a story in QSR news, the food industry trade magazine. The Sopranos(TM) Old Fashioned Italian Sodas are being made from all-natural ingredients by Imbibe Inc., an Illinois beverage company, and are available in three flavours: Amaretto, Chianti and – yes, you knew there had to be a link – Limoncello.

“Served at Italian dinners for hundreds of years,” according to the QSR story, they’ve never been available in commercial soda form before – mostly because every Italian aunt and uncle knows how to make one using soda water, liquor and a bit of sugar. To add to the ambience, you need to play Vasco Rossi and Mina records at top volume for a few hours, dance a few frantic, drunken tarantellas, then gasp as the veal course is brought out after you’ve already eaten the antipasti, soup, fish and pasta. Throwing up in your cousin’s new Trans Am before passing out is optional.

SING, DAMMIT: American Ferrera, star of Ugly Betty, revealed that a musical episode of the show is in the works, an announcement that was quickly confirmed by Executive producer Marco Pennette. Ugly Betty would be joining Scrubs and Buffy The Vampire Slayer in a line of shows that have gone all-singing, all-dancing. It’s a trend that I’d like to see continue – who wouldn’t tune into a musical version of The Office, and if it lasts, would 30 Rock be able to resist spoofing the sub-genre, with a healthy dose of product placement. Personally, I’m waiting for the musical version of Hell’s Kitchen, though it might a bit tough to not only score a reality show, but to get British death metal band Napalm Death to provide the backing for Gordon Ramsay’s howling, spit-flecked character assassinations.


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