With game close, talk getting heated – Metro US

With game close, talk getting heated

As if Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie wasn’t going to be targeted enough times already by Tom Brady on Sunday.

Asked by the New York Daily News about Brady’s sportsmanship in the Patriots’ 45-3 win over the Jets on Dec. 6, the “other” Jets cornerback had some choice words for Brady, calling him an “a–hole” and saying “I don’t really give a damn about him.”

But according to Jets head coach Rex Ryan, Cromartie was just exercising his rights protected by the First Amendment.


“In this country, you’re allowed to have opinions and all that kind of stuff,” Ryan said. “Obviously, as an organization, we respect Tom Brady; there’s no question about it.

“But, is there dislike between us and Brady and Brady against the Jets and all that? Of course there is. But, am I going to punish Cromartie for saying something or whatever? No.”

Of course Ryan wouldn’t punish Cromartie for opening his big mouth. That would be the pot calling the kettle black. Ryan’s coaching ways, right or wrong, allow for “all that kind of stuff.”

“I think that maybe they do follow my lead in the fact that we can say what’s on our mind or whatever,” Ryan said. “I don’t say, ‘Hey, whatever we do, don’t say this or don’t say that.’ We’re a transparent organization.

“We let our guys speak.”