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Woman dies after catching flu

After confirming that an Edmonton-area woman is dead after contracting influenza A (H1N1), also known as swine flu, Alberta Health Services officials are assuring residents there is no need to panic.

The middle-aged woman is the second to die in Alberta since the outbreak of the virus.

Officials were tight-lipped yesterday about the woman’s condition before her death, but did say she suffered from pre-existing chronic health complications.

She was medevaced to a hospital in Edmonton from another province on June 30, but died the same day, officials said yesterday.

Despite the recent death, health officials are urging residents to remain calm and stay the course with frequent hand-washing.

“We’re delivering the same message we have been saying,” said Alberta Health Services spokeswoman Jackie Bhatti. “Over 4,000 Canadians die from flu every year.”

Eleven new cases of the virus were reported in Edmonton over the weekend, while Calgary saw 13 new cases.

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