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Woman facing charges after attacking Hasidic man

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A woman is being accused of making anti-Semitic remarks, punching a Hasidic man in the throat, and stealing his cell phone in Williamsburg. 

The incident occurred  around 1 p.m. Wednesday near Broadway and Gerry Street in Williamsburg, according to ABC

The victim was 22-years-old and said that two women made anti-Semitic remarks towards him and threatened to kill him, prior to punching him in the throat, ABC reports. 

It was reported that two suspects, 34-year-old woman and 24-year-old Jasmin Lucas, were taken into custody at Broadway and Rutledge Street, right after the attack. 

Outlets report that Lucas has been charged with assault, aggravated harassment/hate crime, robbery, and criminal mischief. The other woman was released. 

The incident is still under investigation as of Thursday morning.

News of this comes shortly after a man in Monsey, New York, stabbed five Jewish people celebrating Hanukah at a Rabbi’s home. 

Also, within the last week, Metro reported that another woman named Tiffany Harris, 30 was arrested after Harris slapped three women from ages 22 to 31, in the face and said “F-U Jews.” She was re-arrested Sunday for another incident where she punched a 35-year-old woman in Brooklyn, and it is not clear if the victim for this attack was Jewish. 

Gov. Cuomo met with residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn on January 1, to show support to the Jewish community after the Monsey attacks and other anti-Semitic attacks. 

In a press release, Gov. Cuomo said, “Everybody feels very upset and disturbed about what happened and everybody stands in solidarity with you. So I’m here today, not just for me, I’m here representing all the people of the State of New York who want to say they’re sorry about the tragedy and they stand with you in total solidarity and love, because that’s what we are.”

Gov. Cuomo dispatched more State Police to increase patrol and security Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods across the State. Mayor de Blasio also shared a statement on Twitter about bumping up security for the Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods. 

Mayor de Blasio shared a statement on Twitter, which says, “NYPD has enhanced patrol presence in Jewish communities. Starting tonight, additional officers from the Strategic Response Group, the same highly trained unit that helped keep New Yorkers safe in Times Square last night, will be on the streets.”