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Woman slices daughter’s boyfriend’s penis

box cutter An Indiana woman cut off an 18-year-old man’s genitals with a box cutter.
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A woman sliced her daughter’s boyfriend’s penis with a box cutter, policetold the Indianapolis Star.

Bonita Lynn Vela, 35, of Franklin, Ind., held the 18-year-old against his will and sliced off his genitals after she suspected him of molesting her 2-year-old son.

Police arrested Vela and charged her with battery with a deadly weapon and criminal confinement with a deadly weapon. The victim insisted to police that he had not molested Vela’s son, and Vela admitted that she only began to suspect him of the act after she smoked marijuana. She also told police she did not know if she had consumed other drugs before the incident.

Though two others helped Vela hold the man captive in her trailer home, police only arrested her. The man told police that he had been held in the home for three and a half hours. He described Vela as “out of control” and said that she had threatened him by saying her friends with guns would come and “take him out.” He said the woman then told him that she might let him live if she could cut off his penis, saying she “wanted to scar him so that he would have to look at it every time that he had sex in the future.”

Vela then tried stabbing his genitals with a fork, and then used a box cutter instead. After cutting him, she finally released him from her home. The man told police he was very afraid of Vela and her friends and what they might do to him. He believes someone may have recorded the act on a phone.

Vela was jailed on a $28,000 bond while the man was treated at a hospital for his injury.

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