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Woman tells cautionary tale after losing Yorkshire puppies

A Vancouver woman is warning would-be pet owners to be careful when buying a dog from a breeder this holiday season after she fell in love with — and subsequently lost — two puppies.

Breanne Erhardt said she bought a purebred Yorkshire terrier named Gonzo for $900 from Lumby-based kennel Small Paws on the Ridge.

A month later, on Oct. 27, Gonzo died suddenly of what her vet said was likely a liver shunt, said Erhardt.

“(I was) a complete wreck,” said Erhardt, who called the breeder, Connie Vosper.

According to Erhardt, Vosper offered half her money back — since there was no proof Gonzo died of a congenital disease — or a new puppy. Erhardt opted for the puppy. An autopsy to confirm the cause of death would have cost Erhardt around $600, she said.

She said Vosper started sending pictures and vet updates of the new dog. The breeder even started calling the puppy by the name Erhardt had chosen.

“On Dec. 19, two days before we were supposed to get the dog, she retracts the offer, claiming a lack of trust in me,” Erhardt said. Vospel repeated her offer to give Erhardt $450.

“My stomach just sank,” Erhardt said. “I feel I’ve lost two (puppies) now.”

When Metro Vancouver contacted Vosper, she said she had “no comment.”

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