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Women in this state have the dirtiest hair in the country

Healthy Hair Washing by State

Californians really follow those “lather, rinse, repeat” instructions listed on the back of shampoo bottles.

Women living in the west coast state wash their hair an average of once per day, according to a new poll by LookFantastic.com. They’re in good company: A whopping 49 percent of women report sudsing up their strands every day — surprising, given that hair stylists and every women’s magazine ever advises women to only wash a couple of times a week at most.

The women of Texas, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina aren’t very far behind their California counterpart with 1.5 days between hair washing sessions. Ladies in Tennessee get the title of “dirtiest hair,” thanks to their average of one shampoo a week.

California women spend the most on their hair

California girls also get the distinction of spending the most on their hair a month: an average of $150, compared with the American average of $80. Not really surprising, given that the state also boasts the most fake blondes.

Oh, and probably because living in California is just expensive, period. Homes in San Francisco and the Bay Area often start at $1 million for even a small starter home, so it makes sense that everything else costs a lot more than average.

On the other end of the spectrum, North Carolina women only spend about $20 a month on their tresses.

How women’s hair compares state-to-state

Don’t live in California? Don’t worry. Your state likely ranks for something when it comes to hair:

— New Yorkers have the most voluminous hair.

— Massachusetts ladies have the finest, limpest hair (sorry).

— Kansas women boast the most amount of naturally straight hair (goes with the state’s incredibly flat landscape).

— Pennsylvania has the most natural blondes.

— Florida women spend the most time blow drying their hair with an average of 45 minutes.

— Women in Alabama have the most curly hair, while Kentucky women have the frizziest of all the states (here’s how to keep frizz at bay).

Of course, don’t take any of these results too seriously. Take it from someone who hated her curly hair for years: Your hair is part of your personality, so do what you want with it and don’t worry about what others think.

And maybe invest in some dry shampoo if you live in Tennessee.


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