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Women with degrees marry men with same

Women with university degrees are not only more likely to get married, but they are more likely to marry someone with a similar level of education, according to a Statistics Canada report released Thursday.

Despite being more financially independent, educated women are still interested in companionship and marriage hasn’t gone out of fashion, said marriage counsellor Johanna Abraham.

“Women (nowadays) are no less interested in having families,” added Abraham.

“Women (with degrees) have more power. They can be pickier, they’re willing to wait.”

Lasting relationships are ones that are compatible, she added.

When it comes to common-law relationships, university-educated women are less likely to be in one than women with a lower education.

The report also suggests that in less-committed relationships, financial matters were of lower significance than in committed relationships such as marriages.

“Expectations are higher in general in marriages,” said marriage counsellor Kathy Marsden. “If things don’t work out (financially), they can just leave.”

Marsden added that women in less educationally homologous relationships don’t mind being the breadwinner, but only if the partner does his fair share of the housework.

In the end, “it’s all about compatibility,” said Abraham. “Ambitious men prefer ambitious women,” and vice versa.

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