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Woodhands’ new beats

Woodhands isn’t doing anything musically that hasn’t been done before, but the dance-pop duo prides itself on the energy it creates at its live shows.

The Toronto-based band, which released its debut album Heart Attack last week on Paper Bag Records, says a shared passion for music is what drives it to infuse a sense of urgency and energy into its lives shows.

“That’s what sets us apart … we’ve carved out a place for ourselves amidst the legion of dance-rock bands that are all the rage these days,” explains Dan Werb, who handles the keytar, keyboards, synthesizers and vocals.

“Where a lot of performers go soft and subtle when talking about emotional matters, we can only go hard,” Werb continues. “The things I feel make me want to scream, so I do. The way I feel about sex and relationships is a fully emotional, cognitive, and sexual experience.”

There’s no way to hide how Werb and drummer Paul Banwatt feel, so they have attempted to harness it instead. Couple that with sick synthesizer sounds and some wicked drumming, and you’ve got the Woodhands recipe. Heart Attack is an electro-pop album full of intense, raw dance floor tracks that successfully capture the energy of the group’s live shows.

Woodhands, which has been compared musically to Holy Fuck, Goblin, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder and Chocolate Weasel, are currently on tour across Canada. The groups’ next local gig is May 1 at the Over The Top Festival.

“We’ve just finished our big trip down to SXSW — 26 hours straight each way — and now we’re readying ourselves for … five more weeks of touring Canada and the U.S,” says Werb.

“We’re in a really good space mentally. The response to our shows has been great and people who have heard the album seem to really love it. So now it’s time to let the world hear it!”

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