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Work stress is prematurely aging you

Are post-it notes the key to perpetual youth?

We know that some people feel invigorated by their work, while others find their jobs a stressful drain. But could certain professions actually be putting people in an early grave?
In a recent study conducted by the beauty product company Merz Aesthetics, 57 percent of respondents believed that their career was causing premature aging.
What’s more, about 70 percent of respondents believe that looking older could be an obstacle to career progression, and there wasn’t much difference between genders. The research highlighted that 64 percent of men and 70 percent of women surveyed felt pressure to look younger at work.
So which professions are killing us slowly? Here are the top five: So which professions are killing us slowly? Here are the top five:
1. Advertising and journalism(87%):of respondents rated these two professions as number one on the list. Is it any surprise that high-strung reporters have a reputation for hitting the sauce?
2.Energy sector (84%):These workers are exhausted, too. Energy sector employees complain of long hours and little sleep.
3. Recruitment and human resources (83%):Clearly, it’s not easy to find the right candidate to join a company, and the recruitment process can be drawn-out and grueling. Those who excel in human resources must have strong analytical skills and a tenacious attitude.
4. Marketing and public relations (81%):Although some people have the impression of PR as a carefree, enjoyable profession, respondents clearly disagreed.
5. Hotels and catering (79%):Satisfying a steady stream of customers and catering — literally — to their every need can take a toll. Perhaps that’s why those in the hospitality industry are prone to crow’s feet and the odd grey hair.

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