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World Cup: Top 13 soccer player hairstyles

For World Cup viewers checking out the guys on the field for reasons other than their soccer-playing skills, Cool Blades, a UK-based beauty salon supply company, put together a list of the most memorable hairstyles in football/soccer, past and present.

Pablo Osvaldo All photos courtesy of Cool Blades Pablo Osvaldo
All photos courtesy of Cool Blades

Cool Blades says: Unfortunately the handsome Mr Osvaldo has been sent packing back to Serie A after a promising spell in the Premier League ended prematurely with a training ground bust-up. Still, with a practical bun for match days and flowing shoulder length locks for relaxing in the Italian sunshine, this Johnny Depp look-a-like will have landed on his feet.
Metro says: Who cares if this guy can play soccer? Look at him!

Edinson Cavani Edinson Cavani

Cool Blades says: You might be mistaken for thinking the cheek bones are the star here, but what about those locks! Edinson Cavani is further proof that a disproportionate number of football’s best haircuts originate from South America.
Metro says: And did you see the chin dimple?

Sergio Ramos Sergio Ramos

Cool Blades says: We diverge from long flowing locks temporarily to introduce Sergio Ramos, a hirsute centre-back who used to rock a rather straggly and slick affair, but has now gone back to basics with this practical and perfectly-coiffed do.
Metro says: This is a huge improvement on his long-greasy-locks-with-headband phase.

David Beckham David Beckham

Cool Blades says: O.K., O.K., so Beckham isn’t in the World Cup this year, but it would be impossible to celebrate great footballing hair without harking back to the original chic midfielder. Here’s a longer do for David; bleached blonde, heavily styled and very boy band-esque…
Metro says: We like when he used to match his hair cut and color to wife Victoria (who we still prefer to think of as Posh Spice).

Rio Ferdinand Rio Ferdinand

Cool Blades says: One more blast from the (recent) past! Rio may now be sporting a stylish crop, but his old cornrows are still an absolutely iconic footballing look. They were short, long, bleached, zig-zagged, whether you loved them or loathed them, Rio’s rows were pretty much an institution (also, have you ever seen them loose? Eek…).
Metro says: Did he bring a stylist with him to games for touch ups?

Alexandre Pato Alexandre Pato

Cool Blades says: Another miraculous mop originating from South America. This former wonderkid left Milan with tousled curls in tow to return to his home country of Brazil, where he now plies his trade for Corinthians. All that sunshine seems to be working wonders for his lustrous locks.
Metro says: What shampoo is he using? Can we get it in the U.S.?

Andrea Pirlo Andrea Pirlo

Cool Blades says: A picture speaks a thousand words, so sit back and enjoy Andrea in silence. The only reason Pirlo doesn’t top the standings is because at 34 years old, we felt it was time to give someone else their moment in the limelight. Bravo Pirlo, Bravo!
Metro says: Now this is how you keep it classic.

Arda Turan Arda Turan

Cool Blades says: Back to basics with Arda Turan’s short crop and beard combination. Are we slightly biased because of his sublime wing play? Well yes, perhaps we are, but Turan shows that short can be just as sweet.
Metro says: Doesn’t that beard get itchy?

Benoit Assou Ekotto Benoit Assou-Ekotto

Cool Blades says: Whether it’s tied back in cornrows or left to roam free as an exuberant, super-sized afro, Benoit’s mane always looks great. From highlighting his fabulous bone structure with a pulled back look or letting his locks go wild, this is a head of hair to be proud of.
Metro says: You can tell he’s French with that effortless style.

Leighton Baines Leighton Baines

Cool Blades says: That’s never a current player you might think, but allow us to introduce the 70’s own Leighton Baines. The Everton and England left back might look like he’s from a bygone era, but it’s simply down to his mod-like do.
Metro says: Maybe it’s time to try a different trend? We could see him sporting a faux hawk.

Gerard Pique Gerard Pique

Cool Blades says: Shakira’s a hot tamale, so it stands to reason that her significant other, Barcelona centre back Gerard Pique, is pretty sizzling too. Short, sharp, chic and contemporary, Pique will cut a suave figure at this year’s World Cup.
Metro says: He’s a little too GQ for our taste in this photo, but he and Shakira make a very hot couple.

Marco Reus Marco Reus

Cool Blades says: Short back and sides with plenty of length on top is de rigeur at the moment, and with this highlighted haircut, Reus has got it just about spot on. With speculation linking Reus with a move to Old Trafford, we might just get a closer look at this blonde bombshell next season.
Metro says: We like this messy version of the updated “Mad Men” ‘do everyone is rocking these days.

David Beckham David Beckham

Cool Blades says: We’re sorry, but we couldn’t end a footballing haircut story without another spectacular do from the former king of pitch-side style. Here’s Becks rocking a Kurt Cobain do which only a man with a very handsome face and a very handy right foot could ever pull off. Kudos, David.
Metro says: We totally understand the second Beckham inclusion.

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