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World’s Best Cookie Dough serves a next-level edible raw dough

World's Best Cookie Dough is a one-stop dessert shop with milkshakes, edible raw cookie dough and cookie dough bonbons, among other treats. Credit: Facebook

The latest raw cookie dough shop to open in New York City is making some pretty bold claims.

World’s Best Cookie Dough, now open at 164 Bleecker St. in Greenwich Village, boasts that with 20 flavors of raw cookie dough it not only serves the most varieties, but that its shop is the “the largest edible cookie dough and dessert shop in the U.S.”

The claim that World’s Best is the largest cookie dough shop in the U.S. is not really verifiable, but dessert fans certainly won’t be left wanting by the selection at World’s Best (which is also available online).

The shop’s standard raw dough flavors are chocolate chip, brownie, raw chocolate fudge pretzel and sugar cookie. Current special flavors include cookies & cream, peanut butter and oatmeal raisin, with 20 total flavors available daily.

“We also have an extensive team of bakers who are in charge of recipe development, which allows us to launch our weekly flavors,” says the company’s director, Sajedur Mridha.

World’s Best uses the same heat-treatment method as Cookie Do, whose founder Kristen Tomlan invented edible raw cookie dough by heat-treating flour and pasteurizing eggs to kill any harmful bacteria. (Fun fact: It’s actually the flour that is more likely to be harmful.)

That said, Mridha says his cookie dough is superlative.

“The experience of our cookie dough is very much different than any dough you have tried,” he says. “We use the best quality ingredients, which makes our cookie dough smooth and not so grainy, as if you were eating ice cream. We can confidently say our cookie dough is unique and taste very different from others in a better way.”

World’s Best also aims to be something of a one-stop shop for all of New York’s trendiest and iconic desserts. The menu muscles in on the giant decorated milkshake trend started by Black Tap with Freakshakes, tries its hand at New York’s classic cheesecake and goes for the Magnolia Bakery pudding and cupcake (“frosted” with raw cookie dough) crowd. They also bake the dough into cookies if that’s how you roll.

“The team behind this project one day sat with a concept to make a dessert shop with Amazon in mind,” Mridha says. “We have brought all the major dessert spots’ best products in one place with a twist to it.”

As he points out: “Who wouldn’t want to try different sweets made with cookie dough?”

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