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World’s healthiest burger can increase life expectancy

This new burger is a guilt-free treat that could help you live longer. The Nutri-burger, created by British chef and nutritionist Libby Limon, is made up of a matcha gluten-free brioche bun and beet, natto, quinoa and mushroom patty. The sandwich, packed with 55 superfood ingredients, has the same antioxidant levels as eating three kilograms of broccoli. Plus, this healthy fast food claims to be able to cure a hangover and boost your sex drive. The burger, which is part of a deal on discount website Groupon, is served with a side of purple and orange sweet potato fries and a cacao shake. Limon explains why biting into this burger is beneficial for your health.

How did the Nutri-burger project come about?

Groupon has seen that “clean eating” has fast become one of the hottest trends of 2016. It’s all about eating wholefoods and avoiding processed food and refined sugar. We’ve noticed that more and more people are thinking about what they put into their bodies and we wanted to make sure that there is something available that’s suitable for everyone on Groupon, no matter what they want to eat.

What’s the aim of this burger?

Groupon wanted to offer their customers a new and exciting dining experience and so we worked together to create the healthiest superfood meal. It’s a guilt-free version of a fast food classic — perfect for the summer.

What ingredients are in the burger?

The meal is made up of a matcha gluten-free brioche bun and beet, natto, quinoa and mushroom patty. It’s accompanied by purple and orange sweet potato fries and a thick chocolate shake made of cacao, bee pollen and activated nuts. It has 21 of the top 100 antioxidant superfoods and provides over 100 percent of the recommended daily allowance of fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C and iodine. It’s rich in B vitamins, vitamin E, vitamin K, magnesium, potassium, selenium, choline and zinc, as well as being both gluten and dairy-free and suitable for vegetarians.

How and why did you choose those ingredients?

I recommend the ingredients used in this meal to my clients individually. They’re great for helping to combat particular problems. It was lots of fun to be able to use them all in the one dish so we could make it the world’s healthiest meal.

In total, the meal contains nearly 60 super healthy ingredients, including a host of new superfood names such as natto (a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans), chaga (a medicinal mushroom) and sumac (a tangy, lemony spice), which are said to be good for providing energy, boosting the appearance of your skin and supporting cardiovascular health.

The superfoods used in the meal have been associated with supporting everything from the immune system, digestive function, liver detoxification, weight loss as well as stress and anxiety. It also includes trendy superfoods such as coconut oil, avocado and hemp which are rich in healthy fats and have been praised for enhancing muscle strength and promoting healthy hair and nails.

Why is this burger perfect for those seeking a hangover cure?

It’s so nutritious and full of antioxidants, probiotics, polyphenols, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, which are perfect for putting a spring back in your step after a late night. The turmeric (in the patty) acts as a liver detoxifier and helps repair it.

We had the superfood meal tested in a lab and the reports show that the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) value for the meal is 68,400 μmol TE, which is the equivalent of eating 1.5 kg of blueberries or 3 kg of cooked broccoli.

What other benefits does this burger offer?

The burger helps with everything from boosting your energy levels, supporting digestion, preventing spots and encouraging anti-aging. It even has ingredients which are said to help increase fertility and boost your sex drive. There’s no need to feel guilty whilst enjoying this burger.

Where can we eat it?

The exclusive recipe booklet will be available to download for free from the Groupon website, so everyone can try it out at home. One lucky person will also get the chance to try it at one of Groupon’s top merchants, Magpie & Stump, in the City of London. To download the recipe or win a chance to try the burger, visit: www.gr.pn/nutri-burger.

-Daniel Casillas

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