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Worst dressed celebrities of the week

And we’re back! After a month of award shows, and New York City (Bad) Fashion Week, we’re back to our weekly shredding of horrible people, wearing horrible clothes, every horrible week.

This week was fresh off the heels of the Oscars which means all the leftover dresses and outfits that weren’t picked for that red carpet were greased into and showed off to blind the world with their poorly thought-out designs.

Here are the week’s worst offenders:

Kate Hudson: Evidently someone tried to kill it with fire, but it just came back.

Chloe Moretz: The coat on this outfit is textbook “polishing a turd.”

Kelly Rowland: The singer was overheard saying she thinks “Trump Flesh Orange” is going to be “yuge” this year.

Anna Dello Russo: Fresh from her trip to Narnia Fashion Week, Russo is telling a story about what a lion sounds like.

Judah Friedlander: Three words… 30. Rock. Bottom.

Tina Fey: Fey’s original instinct to put this dress in a shredder was correct. She should’ve followed through on it.

Holland Roden: Sailing fact — this dress is a flag that means “Sink me!”

Teresa Palmer:She wore this to a benefit concert for survivors of the sequin factory explosion that made this dress. Some have said the decision was made in poor taste.

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