Worst of Craigslist: Hackers wanted, for, uh… no reason – Metro US

Worst of Craigslist: Hackers wanted, for, uh… no reason

With hours of browsing through Craigslist ads, the mind can be distorted into thinking that everything cheap is great and everything free is a necessity.

It can be determined that Craigslist ads are potentially dangerous when this distortion takes effect. To be safe, look through the ads with a friend to prevent hiring a free stripper or paying a small fee for someone who can’t spell to change your resume.

He’s lying – posting on Craigslist is definitely not strange for him.

Can we pay you to not be a model?

Please, someone be decent and give the man drugs to cure his hangover.

Warning: this man may have an agenda that involves more than just cleaning your house for free.

Every woman’s dream come true?

Oops, this ad must have been filed incorrectly from the 1865 Craigslist.

She will remain asleep on that chair until a running buddy comes and forces her out of it.

At least she doesn’t have hidden motives.

Pay $20 to have your resume font changed to Papyrus!

Let’s keep this between us so your normal friends won’t convince you not to hire us.