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Worst of Craigslist: Nudists, Survivalists and Gold Diggers

There are many ways to make friends. Some of us take the “make conversation naturally route” while others put out ads outlining just what it is they would like out of the relationship. In this case, we have a request for some “nudist chilling”, an inquiry for some “doomsday survivalist preppers”, and a request for a “very normal good very very very attractive” sugar-daddy.

I have to give it to this guy, he’s successfully made nudity- something which is relatively taboo in our culture, sound nonchalant.

Anybody ready to prep for disaster with this “femme” female?

Now, for an innocent request, this male can be your very own, lifesize, Tickle-Me-Elmo. Plus, he really like socks. No, really he does. However, he hasn’t specified as to whether or not he like them clean or dirty- so to be sure, bring two pairs.

Meet this young lady, she has a very very very modest request. All she asks is that you make over three hundred grand and are “very normal” and “very very attractive”. While it may not say so in her ad she likes the word “very”, very much and loves writing in caps.

So, question: How normal is “VERY normal” and would that person be featured on Craigslist? Just something to consider.

So, it could just be a typo but just in case- 18 does not equal 40.

Also, when will people learn that the internet is anything but “discreet”?

And ending with some quotes for the day ahead:

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