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‘Worth it to be out here’

They’re working hard for your money, or at least working hard to put a smile on your face.

Whatever their reasons for being there, most Stampede visitors won’t get into the gates without crossing the paths of at least one busker or two along the way.

While buskers along the Stampede grounds make some change for entertaining the passing crowds, most say that’s not the only reason they are out there.

“I love playing country music and that’s why I choose to play outside the Stampede grounds; it’s just right up my alley,” guitar busker Billy Bob said, adding he doesn’t make too much money doing it.

“I do it for the smiles and because I love it.”

Sarah Anderson said she choose the Stampede Park to play her violin fiddler style music because it’s a busy area.

“But sometimes it’s hard to get a spot to play. Sometimes there are even people lining up to find a spot to play, but today I was lucky,” she said as passersby dropped loonies, toonies and quarters.

Anderson said she has been playing since she was five, and while she said she usually makes decent money, that’s not the only reason she plays.

“I think I just enjoy it and enjoy when people are passing by and listening,” she said.

Then there is Sax Livingstone, who is a character within himself playing, of course, the saxophone.

“With tongue in cheek, I will say it’s gotta be worth it to be out here,” he said, although he wouldn’t disclose how much he makes.

“You’ve gotta be discreet around here.”

While Livingstone played some melodies for the crowds, he mostly has people laughing and smiling with his “out-there” character, according to one passerby.

“That guy is just funny, some of the things that comes out of his mouth, but polite as a man can be,” John Adamson said.

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