Would you buy yogurt from Uncle Jesse? - Metro US

Would you buy yogurt from Uncle Jesse?

Yogurt has never looked so smooth.

John Stamos has signed on to appear in an ad campaign for Oikos Greek Yogurt, according to Food Beast.

“I am a proud Greek and a proud yogurt eater. And when the call from Dannon came in, and after I tasted Dannon Oikos, I couldn’t say no,” said Stamos.

In the commercial, Uncle Jesse, err John Stamos, brings a tote full of yogurt to a party after other guests have arrived with fine champagne and chocolates. Seriously, Stamos is the only person in the world who can get away with bringing yogurt as a hostess gift.

But by the end of the ad, you find yourself craving that Greek yogurt. We may have expected to see him hawk something completely different… like hair gel, but honestly, John Stamos is one heck of a yogurt salesman.

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