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Would you try ordering a pizza while riding the T?

A man going by the name "DJ Artwork" from London ordered a pizza on his moving tra

The greatest innovators among us are those who think outside the box. Or, in some cases, inside the box. That is, if what’s inside the box is pizza — and if the thinking is happening aboard a moving train.

Such is the story of one trailblazing Londoner, who achieved viral stardom this week when he ordered delivery while taking a five-hour trip through the U.K. After crunching the numbers to get the timing just right, a piping hot pie arrived at his station, and he was on his way.

The man, a DJ going by the name “Artwork,” live-tweeted his escapades on Saturday.

The fact that his prize was an abomination called a “ham, mushroom, beef and pineapple pizza” is beyond the point.

We checked to see if anyone has ever achieved this feat on the Boston T.

No, said MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo via email.

He didn’t cite any rules forbidding the delivery of pizzas to moving trains, but said he wouldn’t recommend anyone try it.

“It makes about as much sense as wearing virtual reality goggles while on a train,” Pesaturo said.

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