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WTF: Bill hopes to criminalize necrophilia… because it’s not a crime

WTF: Bill hopes to criminalize necrophilia… because it’s not a crime

There are some absurd laws on the books in the Bay State. They vary from baffling, like how no woman can be on top during sexual activities, to bigtime bummers, like no happy hours at bars. One could easily get lost for hours in the long lists of head-scratchers on Dumblaws.com.

As creepy as this may sound, there is no law against necrophilia. That’s right, there is no punishment for romancing the deceased.

State Rep. Aaron Vega of Holyoke and the Holyoke Police Department hope to change that.

“From a moral perspective, people expect that deceased victims will not be further mistreated and defiled,” Holyoke Police Captain Denise Duguay wrote to Rep. Vega. “A family member should not have to worry that an offender or even someone at a morgue, funeral parlor or crematorium will take advantage of the dead victim to perpetuate vulgar sex acts.”

The bill Vega has put forth would make necrophilia a crime in Massachusetts that would earn the perpetrator up to 20 years in prison.

“Sometimes police departments find holes in the laws,” Duguay told Metro. “This doesn’t come from a specific case, but these cases shouldn’t depend on the sequences of events in the case of a rape and a murder.”

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The example she wrote in her letter focuses on the penalties a rapist who murders their victim would be charged with both rape and murder. But if the victim were to be murdered, then raped, only the murder charges would remain. Another instance has to do with a person who might find a body, have sexual intercourse with it, and not be charged with rape.

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It is already illegal to have sex with an unconscious or vulnerable person, be it statutory rape, drugging or a person with disabilities or in any other vulnerable position. But the dead do not apply to this law.

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