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WTF is wrong with Rudy?

Keisha Knight Pulliam Joins Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Trial

Keisha Knight Pulliam, an actress who found fame as youngest daughter Rudy on “The Cosby Show,” joined Bill Cosby for the first day of his sexual assault trial. My question, dear ones, is WTF?

The 38-year-old was seen strolling into court with Cosby, just a-smiling, and I assume skipping to a tune that only the two of them could hear. Typically, defendants in a trial such as this one — one that has serious implications and is getting major media coverage — don’t go to the courtroom with such an unbridled sense of joy. But Cosby and Knight Pulliam are having the best time — and it’s all very disturbing!

Cosby, 79, is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting former Temple University employee Andrea Constand in 2004 in his mansion in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. He faces (and has denied) similar allegations from more than 60 women.

His spokesperson, who appears to be a low-level Sean Spicer type, tries to convince People that it’s not even about like, being guilty or innocent, you know? Even though that’s actually exactly what trials are about. “[Keisha is] not here to proclaim guilt or innocence. She’s here to finally hear the truth for herself in the courtroom. She wants people to stop listening to the sensationalism and come hear the truth.”

In 2015, the actress formerly loved as Rudy ignored the allegations against Cosby and spoke to what she does know about him. “I can only speak to the great man that I know and love, who has been so generous,” she told Access Hollywood Live. “Who has been such a philanthropist, giving back millions of dollars to education and schools.” I mean, yeah, you can do that and also be a horrible person at the same time. People contain depths, after all.

Crisis management expert Gene Grabowski suggests that the actress’ presence is a bid by Cosby’s team to dredge up memories of the good dude we used to know. “The goal is to ensure that at least one or two jurors who hear Cosby’s trial will remember the good side of the man when they pass judgment.” What about the bad side of a dude, my dude? “Regardless of the trial’s outcome, the goal… is to ensure his legacy is at least partially preserved.”

So again, I ask of you — WTF, Rudy? 


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