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WTF: Miley Cyrus wants a bizarre surgical procedure (allegedly)

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Miley Cyrus, pop star, actress and accidental anatomy instructor wants one or two very bizarre surgical procedures according to the ever reputable In Touch magazine.

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The magazine reports that a source close to Cyrus says the singer is “leaning toward getting silicone horns implanted in her head. Miley wants them to be very out there, like devil horns!”

The same source told the magazine that Cyrus is also interested in getting a corset piercing.

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And exactly what is a corset piercing?

“It¹s when you get holes pierced around your spine and you can actually put ribbons through those holes in a crisscross fashion to mimic the look of a corset,” In Touch informs us.

That’s just great. You do you, Miley.

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