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WWE Talk: Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, Roman Reigns Fatal 4-way at WrestleMania?

Dean Ambrose is firmly in the title picture.
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As we drive down the road to WrestleMania, our destination is beginning to come into sight. Far beyond the stretch of the Fastlane highway and past the horizon, we can make out the faint skyline of what will be our WrestleMania card. But there still may be a few more unexpected twists and turns on the path. Never count out the WWE’s affinity for misdirection.

After Fastlane and the following Raw, it looked like the main event at WrestleMania would be the Champion, Triple H, taking on Roman Reigns. As a co-main event, Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker, as well as Dean Ambrose vs. Brock Lesnar in some kind of grudge match.

The decision to have Brock Lesnar wasted in anything less than the main event was confusing to some. Why wouldn’t you have one of your biggest mainstream names (at least to non-wrestling fans) in the main event of WrestleMania? Furthermore, why would they push a superstar like Roman Reigns, who has proven to be unsuccessful in winning over audiences, to contend for the Heavyweight Championship in the main event against Triple H?

Well…perhaps everything isn’t set in stone. Last week on Monday Night Raw, The Lunatic Fringe, Dean Ambrose, confronted Triple H, accusing him of being scared of the psycho superstar. Ambrose accused the COO of knowing that he couldn’t beat Dean, and challenged him to a title match before WrestleMania.

Of course, Monday Night Raw has been oversaturated with high profile main events ever since the Monday Night War. Once WCW started showcasing PPV quality cards on their weekly Monday Nitro, in the spirit of competition, WWE followed suit, as has attempted to maintain that level of entertainment every week on Raw since. It’s become so expected to have a world title match on Monday Night that it’s nearly lost its luster. So, to make this match a little more interesting, Triple H will be defending his title against Dean Ambrose on March 12, at the WWE Network event, Roadblock.

BUT, this particular title match could prove to be a defining moment for both Dean Ambrose and WrestleMania. Yes, Roman Reigns is the number one contender for the WWE championship. And he’s scheduled to wrestle Triple H. So what happens if Dean Ambrose shocks the world at Roadblock and snags a victory over the King of Kings?

CHAOS! That’s what!

Chaos. A word that perfectly describes the runt of the Shield. The actions of Dean Ambrose winning the title before WrestleMania would set forth a series of events that would spin the WWE title picture into chaos. This would give “The Lunatic Fringe” moniker some purpose. Bringing a chaos theory to the WWE Universe would cement Ambrose as a must-see persona.

Sure, we’ve seen his wild, crazed in-ring style. And his antics fit into his character’s mental instability. He’s committed the deadly sin of intentionally provoking The Beast, Brock Lesnar in the past few weeks, and returned from said confrontation in the ambulance he was carried out in. This was a very Attitude era move, and a little nod to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s history of vehicular commandeering. They’ve been giving him more time on the mic, which has been getting him over with the WWE fans. Rightfully so. His mic work is lightyears beyond Roman’s, and he’s been the underdog former member of the Shield for long enough that the people want to see him win.

If we see Dean Ambrose walk out of Roadblock with the WWE Championship, what happens to his match with Brock? Does Reigns still combat Triple H for no good reason? It depends on the stipulation set in place back at Fastlane. Was Roman Reigns’ victory ensuring a title shot or simply a match with Triple H at WrestleMania?

Odds are, Roman would still have his title shot, setting up Reigns to challenge for Ambrose’s championship. But here’s where it gets chaotic.

Brock still has a sanctioned match with Ambrose at WrestleMania. Naturally, being the perfect sleaze that he is, Paul Heyman would not allow for The Conqueror to be deprived of his rightful match with the champ (which is a promo we would all be happy to see). Likewise, Triple H, wielding his authority and being the cerebral assassin that he is, would likely invoke the ever-popular “rematch clause.”

Ah, the “rematch clause.” Classic creative team cop-out!

What I’m implying here is a WrestleMania Fatal 4-way match for the Heavyweight Championship between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar.

It’s a little bit of a mess, and exactly the kind of chaotic environment that Dean Ambrose can thrive in to be victorious. If we presume that Ambrose doesn’t have the physical talent to defeat these three powerhouses, he will have to rely on his ability to distract and confuse.

Another possibility is that Dean Ambrose is forced to have two matches at WrestleMania. After surviving Brock Lesnar early in the night, he then would be forced to defend his championship against Roman Reigns, Triple H, or both in a triple threat match. Obviously, this would be much too similar to Daniel Bryan’s monumental title win at WrestleMania, but it’s an option.

There are many alternate futures and roads to take to WrestleMania. Perhaps the card will stay exactly the same, but with so many possible outcomes, we really can’t foresee what kind of butterfly effect that Dean Ambrose could cause. If he is successful against Triple H at Roadblock, you can be sure that chaos theory will become the natural law of the WWE Multiverse.

Nathan Burke is a stand-up comedian based in Boston. He hosts a comedy podcast, “So Now I’m the Asshole” on Fans.FM. Follow him on Twitter @IamNathanBurke

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