WWE's Bella Twins sing 'Fly Eagles Fly' on NFL Network as Wentz Wagon rolls on - Metro US

WWE’s Bella Twins sing ‘Fly Eagles Fly’ on NFL Network as Wentz Wagon rolls on

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President Obama jumped on the proverbial Wentz Wagon right after his stellar debut against the Browns a month ago, followed by more and more across the country.

Wrestling duo the Bella Twins, longtime Eagles fans, were expressing their love for Philly’s football team on NFL Network’s Fantasy singing the team’s fight song “Fly Eagles Fly.”

The two are from California, but cite a family connection to Philadelphia that keeps them coming back.

“We are huge, die-hard Eagles fans,” Brie Bella told Philly.com back in 2014 prior to a visit for Wizard World. “Nikki and I have roots here. Our grandfather, who’s full-blooded Italian [the duo are of Mexican and Italian descent], was born and raised in South Philly, right near South Street. “

“So, any time we get to go back home to Philly, it’s just so great because our Italian roots are strong there – and we always make sure we stop by Pat’s and grab ourselves a cheesesteak,” She said.

The Eagles will put their 3-0 record to the test Sunday in Detroit against the Lions.

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