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Yankees: 3 Reasons to add Ubaldo Jimenez … and 3 reasons against making trade

3 reasons add to Jimenez

1. A proven track record

Ubaldo Jimenez won 50 games over the previous three years and has finished near or over 200 innings.

He also had a relatively low WHIP during his breakout 2010 campaign
(1.15). He also showed he is a tremendous strikeout pitcher with 214
last year — third in the National League.

Maybe more importantly than the impressive statistics is the fact that
he has made at least 33 starts in each of his three full seasons.

The downside though is he was 15-1 at the All-Star break last year and
10-15 since, though he is 6-3 with a 2.61 ERA in his last 10 starts.

2. All about the money

Though money may be no object to the Yankees, Jimenez has favorable contract terms.

Jimenez is making $2.8 million this year, $4.2 next year and has an
option of $5.75 million for 2013 and $8 million in 2014 — which he can
void if he is traded (to the Yankees or any team).

With Burnett locked up for $33 million over two more years and Sabathia
having the ability to opt out this year, he’d be a cheap addition that
isn’t a veteran from the scrap heap.

3. Youth and a lack of injuries

Jimenez is just 27 and has pitched 845 innings without a hint of breaking down.

By comparison, Seattle’s Felix Hernandez is two years younger and has
thrown over 1,300 innings, which might make people wonder who breaks
down sooner.

Jimenez has only been on the DL once in his career — earlier this season
— and it was for a cracked fingernail. Not exactly a worrisome shoulder
or arm injury.

3 reasons against making trade

1. Too many prospects

The Rockies are going to ask for the moon.

That means Jesus Montero, Dellin Betances and Manny Banuelos — three of the four top prospects in their system.

2. Look now, but buy later

Even if the Yankees can’t get him now, assuming Jimenez pitches more
like the man who was 15-1, they can always overwhelm him with money
when he becomes a free agent.

That’s exactly what the Yankees did with CC?Sabathia, who they didn’t
trade for midseason in 2008, but signed as a free agent after he pitched
the Brewers into the playoffs. And they didn’t have to part with Phil

3. Starting rotation is already solid

CC?Sabathia could win the Cy Young first of all.

Even though A.J. Burnett’s inconsitent, Phil Hughes is back and Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia are pitching well. metro/lf

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