Yas queen: Here’s a reminder that ‘Broad City’ returns soon – Metro US

Yas queen: Here’s a reminder that ‘Broad City’ returns soon

Broad City Season 4 Release Date

If it feels like forever and a day since you’ve had certified babes and all around kweens Abbi and Ilana in your life, just know that you don’t have to wait much longer. That’s right: “Broad City” is coming back in September to give you all the giggles you need. Here’s everything we know about the fourth season of “Broad City.”

Mark your calendars for August.
The gang will be returning to your telly on September 13 on Comedy Central. The series was originally slated for an August 23 airdate, but you know. Good things come to those who wait. 

There’s a lot to look forward to.
So what shenanigans can we expect this year? Tons. This season will see your favorite gals getting new jobs, celebrating their “friendiversary,” getting a visit from Abbi’s mom, tripping on mushrooms (it’s about time), discovering their witchdom and traveling to Florida. Dayum! That’s a lot to get done in thirteen episodes.

There will be a great deal of very good co-stars.
According to Bustle, we can expect appearances from both RuPaul and Fran Drescher. My bet is that RuPaul will play himself, or just a random drag queen that Ilana is trying to get with. And Fran Drescher is definitely playing Abbi’s mom, right? That is my greatest hope.

It will be familiar and feel good AF.
At a taping of “2 Dope Queens” at Vulture Festival, Abbi Jacobson admitted that the upcoming episodes are “about the same s—t,” which everyone can agree is totally fine. One little twist though — instead of taking place in the hot, sweltering summer, this season will take place during the frigid, unforgivable New York winter. No telling what Ilana’s winter wear looks like.