Dad and baby

If your toddler still isn’t sleeping through the night, it’s usually because one parent—guess who—is not on board with the sleep training crying game. Men, at least in the case of my hubby, are the worst at sleep training!

OK, I’ll take my share of the blame here. I was that parent that needed to check in on our little buddy when he was an infant to make sure he was breathing every half hour…that led to nothing good, only really bad sleeping habits. But now that he’s older and is a fully (somewhat) reasonable toddler who we can talk and communicate things to, I thought now is the time to nip this in the bud. So our routine with Hudson is to put him in bed, read three books, say our “I love yous” and then walk out. Two hours later he’s crying…but guess who he’s crying out for? Daddy! He knows this mama won’t go in there — I’m not playing that game. So my three year old calls the parent he knows he’ll get the response from. Daddy goes right in “because he just hates to hear our little buddy cry” and brings him to the couch where they both fall asleep. So, how do we make progress when daddy sets us backevery…single…night?

I totally get it. It's hard to muster up the energy late at night to get your child back into bed and hope he or she can fall asleep on their own. I told my husband that I read an article about how inconsistent sleep habits can lead to bad behavior and we decided to try a new routine…we’re on day three and yes, there’s crying and calling out to daddy but my hubby is being strong…who knew sleep training would involve a parent, too.

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