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Yet even more Giants Odell Beckham drama

Odell Beckham. Getty Images

This is the third straight week Odell Beckham has been in the news for the wrong reasons. Two weeks back, Beckham appeared in an online video in a bed with a French model while smoking what appeared to be a fat blunt. Last week, a video of “Odell Beckham” getting slugged in the face in an Atlanta club went viral. The person in the video claimed to be Beckham at the club, but ODB’s lawyer said that the real ODB was nowhere near the state of Georgia that night.

In this week’s edition, the Giants star receiver is being sued for $15 million. 

A man who claims to have been friends with Beckham, Ismael Temple, says that at Beckham’s house in January he had a gun pulled on him by Beckham’s body guard, and that he was “punched in the back of the head” by the body guard and another person.

Beckham’s lawyer told The Sporting News that the filing by Temple is “full of falsehoods and misinformation,” and that “this is clearly a frivolous lawsuit.” 


Danny needs a date

One of the low-key playboys in all of sports, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola, is back on the market. The former Patriots star is apparently ditching all things New England as he and model Olivia Culpo (former Miss USA and Rhode Island native) broke up this past week – partly because Amendola was upset that Culpo posed 98 percent nude in the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, according to US Weekly. 

Culpo, stunningly, also didn’t want to move to gorgeous South Beach with Amendola.

Here’s guessing both of these kids will land on their feet, though. 

Amendola, not so long ago, was dating Good Morning Football’s Kay Adams – which has made for some awkward NFL Network television since their split – with Adams having to try to zig and zag around talking about the big-game slot receiver.

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