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Yoga butt: Get your booty in shape for the summer

It’s time to hit the beach, but is your backside ready? Get a yoga butt that’s bikini-ready with this workout plan – maybe you’ll even feel confident enough to do naked yoga.

“All these moves are geared toward working your entire body, especially your bum,” says Tara Stiles, owner of Strala Yoga in New York. “But because they require balance as well as stability, you’re also going to gain strength,” Do this simple 5-step sequence up to four times
a week — if you can.

yoga butt downward dog Take a deep breath before you lift your leg for this move.
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1. From Downward-Facing Dog, take a big inhale and lift your right leg up and back. Open your hips and shoulders and adjust accordingly.

yoga warrior pose butt Sink into Warrior II for a toned butt.
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2. Exhale and step your right foot between your hands into a low lunge. Ground your left back heel and open up into a Warrior II. Sink your hips and aim your front knee over your front ankle. Open your arms out to the sides and gaze over your front fingers. Hang here for 10 long, deep breaths.

yoga reverse warrior pose Do these moves every day and you’ll work your way out of a flat butt in no time.
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3. Inhale and tip your torso back into Reverse Warrior.

yoga butt strala pose Shift into Warrior III to tone up that bum.
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4. Take a big exhale and crawl yourself out into a Warrior III. Bring your fingertips in front of you and lift your back leg up.

yoga dancer pose butt Almost there! Dancer pose is the last step of this workout.
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5. Roll up to stand and hug your shin in to your torso to get into Dancer. Relax your knee toward the ground. Hold your foot with your hand and gently press your foot into your hand, extending your opposite arm upward. Hang here for three long, deep breaths and find your way back to Downward-Facing Dog.

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