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You can get a McDonald’s Big Mac for $1 every day. Here’s how

McDonald's Big Macs are only $1 through September 30

It’s Friday, so that means you can get a free order of crispy French fries from McDonald’s (as long as you have the app) as long as you spend $1. But nothing costs $1 on the menu anymore, right? Nope! You can get a McDonald’s Big Mac — or another one of their famous sandwiches — for only $1.

And not just on Fridays. You can get a McDonald’s Big Mac for only $1 once a day, so basically your lunch for the next two months is set — and will only cost you one greenback.

All of the McDonald’s sandwiches you can get for $1

What if you don’t like the McDonald’s Big Mac? That special sauce isn’t on the list of everyone’s favorite foods — we get it. Luckily, you don’t have to plug your nose and order one just to get in on the $1 deal.

From the looks of it, you can get any McDonald’s sandwich for $1 once a day. That include the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder With Cheese, the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish and the McDonald’s McChicken. The official terms and conditions does say you can’t get a McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese or their signature handcrafted sandwiches for $1, but the rest of the menu is up for grabs.

How to get a McDonald’s Big Mac for only $1 every day

Get a McDonald's Big Mac for only one dollar

Like the free McDonald’s French Fries deal, you have to download the official McDonald’s app to get in on the $1 special. It’s not difficult: Just download the app on your iPhone or Android device, sign up for an account and show the barcode to the cashier when you order.

Other McDonald’s app deals

If free fries and $1 McDonald’s sandwiches wasn’t enough, there are a ton more deals on the McDonald’s app — and you can even vote for the next day’s special when you sign on each day.

Mcdonald's app deal page

The McDonald’s Deals tend to change every day, too. One day you could get a free Medium McCafe drink with any $1 purchase, while the next you could have a deal for a free fountain drink or a $1 McDonald’s breakfast sandwich.

Your best bet is to check out the deals every day when you’re redeeming your $1 McDonald’s Big Mac deal. You never know what’ll be there (and we’re hoping for a couple of salad deals thrown in there, too — gotta get those veggies in!).

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