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You can now play Trump Cabinet Bingo

President Trump Cabinet Meeting

The Trump administration is known for its revolving door: More than three dozen Cabinet members and senior aides hired or nominated by Trump have departed his presidential orbit. (And that’s not even counting Trump’s firings of people he inherited, like James Comey and Sally Yates.)

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, fired on the toilet. Communications Director Hope Hicks departed after her boyfriend, staff secretary Rob Porter, was fired in a domestic-abuse scandal. Chief of Staff Reince Priebus chased out of the Oval Office by Anthony Scaramucci, who himself quit inside of two weeks. Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s travel scandal … the list goes on and on.

Enter Trump Cabinet Bingo

As scandal-plagued EPA chief Scott Pruitt looks set to join the scrap heap any minute now, why not make the waiting game fun and profitable for yourself? That’s the premise behind Cabinet Bingo, a new online game “that has you invested in who Trump fires next.” You compete to predict the next departures from Trump’s inner circle, and first prize is a Macbook.

“The turnover rate of Trump’s administration looks something like that of a fast food restaurant, on steroids, running the country,” says game creator Dennis Mihalsky, a political blogger and podcaster who is working to end partisan division in Washington. “As an everyday American, it’s hard to keep up with who is in good graces with Trump and who is on the outs.”

To that end, the boards change several times a week to encourage players to check the game daily, “especially if there’s a firing in the White House,” says Mihalsky. “Which could be happening soon.”

So don’t sit on your hands: You sign up here, and you’ll get a bingo board in your email. Once you get a full column and post your results on Instagram with the hashtag #cabinetbingo, you’re entered into a raffle to win the laptop, says Mihalsky.

Because why shouldn’t an anxious nation profit a little from Trump’s capricious management style?

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