You can now stream Pushing Daisies online while you dream of a reboot

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Pushing Daisies deserved more of a chance. The quirky sitcom, part romantic comedy and part supernatural crime drama, starring Lee Pace, Anna Friel and Kristin Chenoweth was abruptly cancelled right on the edge of a massive cliffhanger that left fans devastated. And though Pace moved on to bigger roles, like Ronan in Guardians of the Galaxy, fans of the series never did. Well, good news for those of you still yearning for Pace playing the piemaker, streaming Pushing Daisies just got easier thanks to Amazon Prime.

Can’t quite remember the details 11 years later? Let us refresh your memory. Pushing Daisies followed Ned (Lee Pace), who has the ability to touch dead things and bring them back to life. But there’s a couple problems, as you can imagine, with that kind of power. If he touches something he has brought back to life a second time, it dies again — and this time for good. But if he doesn’t touch the person, animal, or thing again within one minute, something close by has to die in its place.

Ned grew up next door to a girl named Chuck (Anna Friel) whose dad passes away when she’s little, sending her to live with her quirky shutaway aunts. But when she dies on a cruise, he brings her back and leaves her that way, ignoring the consequences. She helps him out at his pie store, but the two sweethearts can never touch, or she’ll wind up dead again.

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In the meantime, Ned makes extra money on the side by helping detective Emerson Cod (Chi McBride) solve crimes. (His trick comes in handy for questioning the dead and getting them to finger their murderer.) Oh, and then there’s Olive Snook (Kristin Chenoweth), the waitress at Ned’s pie shop who’s desperately in love with him and quickly realizing something’s off about Chuck. Whew. Got all that?

Don’t worry if you couldn’t quite keep up, because now you can just start streaming Pushing Daisies thanks to Amazon Prime.

Streaming Pushing Daisies on Amazon Prime

Relive every moment without having to shell out to purchase both seasons of the show thanks to Amazon Prime. They added all of the episodes to their content library on October 1, so streaming Pushing Daisies is easier than ever. If you have an Amazon Prime account, just make sure you’re logged in before heading to the show’s landing page on the streaming service.

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You’re good to go to streaming Pushing Daisies. Just make sure you pace yourself. Those 22 episodes will fly by faster than you think. And if you’re still dreaming of a Pushing Daisies reboot, keep holding onto your hope. It seems like every TV show is getting a reboot these days, and the cast is willing to jump into their old roles again. Kristin Chenoweth told Yahoo that Pushing Daisies was her “favorite memory of being on a TV show.”


She’s not alone. “There’s been talk of a musical, and there’s been talk of a film. I’d love it if we even just came back and did a six-episode miniseries,” Friel told Yahoo about the show after sharing that she and Pace still keep in touch and talk about Pushing Daisies. Creator Bryan Fuller seems to have a soft spot for the show, too. He posted on Twitter last year for the show’s 10 year anniversary. So keep the faith, people. Maybe one of these streaming services will pick up the torch.

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