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You can’t go wrong with the gift of wine

Dear Charles:

I’ve been invited to a friend’s cottage for the weekend. It will be the first time that I meet his extended family. What kind of gift is appropriate for a two-night cottage visit?


Dear Gisele:

First, good on you for wanting to bring something!

You will never go wrong with any one of the following items: fresh potted flowers in bloom, a homemade dessert, a bottle or two of good wine, a basket of freshly picked berries, a selection of the latest magazines or a few DVDs for a rainy day.

All of the above items are to be left behind regardless if they are used or not.

Remember, any item should have a little card from you saying thank you for the invitation and how much you are looking forward to a wonderful weekend and meeting everyone. Have fun!

Charles would love to hear your questions. email him at askcharlesthebutler@metronews.ca.

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