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You probably aren’t attractive if you don’t live in these cities and states; sorry


Clover, yet another dating app vying for your swipes, has somehow figured out where all the pretty people are — and all the ugly ones too!

“Mutual attractiveness is the foundation of most successful relationships which is why mobile dating app Clover developed a proprietary scoring system able to accurately assess a person’s level of attractiveness,” Clover explained in a press release. “Using this system, Clover analyzed its data to see which cities and states had the most and least attractive users.”

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We’re not sure what a “proprietary scoring system” is and what role it plays in deciding if you’re beautiful and worth mating with, or ugly and should be locked up in a basement with all the other uglies.

We’re also not sure if you really care.

So where are all the pretty people?

Clover claims the most attractive women are in the state of Connecticut, and the City of New York (specifically Manhattan)

All in all, Clover claims, “[Six] of the top 8 cities and states with the most attractive women are on the East Coast. Women from Manhattan are 2X more attractive than the national average,” and “[Six] of the top 8 cities with the most attractive women are next to the ocean.”

What about the guys?

Hottest state: Montana. Hottest city?

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA: A city that is a mere four hours away from where a man disemboweled his girlfriend in a drunken rage. Hot.

Okay, okay. That’s all good and fine. But where are the uglies, you ask?

“Mississippi is the state with the least attractive women,” Clover explained bluntly. “Oklahoma City is the city with the least attractive women.”

In fact, Clover points out that of the top eight states for ugly women, six of them were in the south.

If you’re looking for ugly guys your best bet would be to head to Rhode Island, and the city of Sunnyvale, California.

Check out Clover’s infograpic below:

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