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You’ll never look at Jared Kushner the same way after reading this tweet

does jared kushner have a security clearance

For a change, here’s a Jared Kushner nightmare scenario that doesn’t involve the Oval Office.

On Twitter, Bustle editor Jenny Hollander noted the presidential son-in-law and adviser’s resemblance to the lead character in the 2016 hit movie “The Boy.”

Fortunately for the producers of “The Boy,” the film made six times its budget in movie theaters. Unfortunately for Jared Kushner, “The Boy” is not an inspirational tale about a youngster from the right side of the tracks who finds an even righter side of the tracks and becomes a championship boxer or jockey or presidential son-in-law. “The Boy” is a horror movie about a wealthy British family who hires a nanny to look after their beloved only child, which is actually a life-size doll.

A powder-pale, smooth-faced doll with neatly parted brown hair and eyes that seem to see everything and nothing at all, it must be said.

In the film, the parents of the doll (who’s named Brahms) depart for vacation, giving the nanny a set of instructions for Brahms’ upkeep, as if he were actually human. Then evil things start happening. The Awl, which had previously noted Kushner’s resemblance to Brahms, found the film to be lousy but also a metaphor for life under Trump, as a let’s-pretend-everything’s-normal administration spirals way out of control. “Here we are, living through a mediocre horror film,” wrote Scott Rogers. “When Trump first managed to win the presidency (and when Kushner made the cover of Forbes for apparently making it all possible), there was a lot of palpable fear and grief. It was easy to see this as the birth of a evil empire, ready to carry out its self-serving and destructive policies.

“There’s been some of that — the travel ban, Paris Agreement, rolling back protections for transgender students. But there’s also been tremendous pushback. What has truly defined the past several months more than anything else isn’t evil scheming, it’s gross incompetence and sheer stupidity. Like ‘The Boy,’ this is not a well-written or logical script.”

Kushner has had a rough time of it the last few weeks. Amid a slew of potential conflict-of-interest scandals, his security clearance was downgraded by White House chief of staff John Kelly. The Intercept reported that Kushner supported a blockade of Qatar weeks after his father, Charles, failed to secure financing for their real-estate business from that country’s government. The New York Times reported that Kushner accepted millions in loans from two companies after meeting with them at the White House. Kushner is so besieged that even Chris Christie, who knows all about doing a terrible job yet refusing to quit — he departed the New Jersey governorship with the second-lowest approval rating in history — called on him to resign. And CNN reported that after Kelly’s changes, the White House calligrapher now has a higher security clearance than Kushner.

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