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You’ll relate so hard to Sanrio’s new character Aggretsuko

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Hello Kitty may have been our introduction to the happy rainbow world of Sanrio, but the company’s newest character is as real as it gets.

Aggretsuko is innocently described as “a red panda who works as an office associate of a trading company in Tokyo.” But as anyone who works in an office knows, hers will not be a happy-go-lucky story.

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The video introducing Aggretsuko, a 25-year-old female red panda, shows her life of alarm clocks, packed trains and bosses who give her more work right at the end of the day. She may be living the dream of working in the field she loves, but it’s led her to become a pushover. To cope, Aggretsuko heads straight to the bar for a session of binge-drinking and death metal karaoke after work. Whatever gets you to Tuesday, right?

Filing tabs, sticky notes and other Aggretsuko-branded office supplies are now available at Sanrio, for those who also enjoy passive-aggressive expressions of frustration.

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