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Young Calgarians raising money for Chile

A young group of Chilean Canadians called Calgary Helps Chile is coming forward to assist the earthquake-stricken country by holding fundraisers.

The group has partnered with Red Cross and First Steps to Rebuild Chile to help relief efforts.
John Reyes, a member of the group, hopes the event will raise substantial amount of money to help the country.

“We have an opportunity to help the devastated people of Chile, and I hope this fundraiser can help rebuild their lives,” said Reyes.

The group is holding two events to raise money on Sunday. The first event will occur at 9 a.m. at the Calgary Tower. Thirty volunteers will climb up the 802 story tower for $1 in exchange for every step.

Later on, a fundraising gala will take place at Flames Central at 4 p.m.

“The earthquake affected me personally after watching the news, because I saw places I grew up in ruined,” said Sebastian Salazar, another group member.

Admission to the gala is $5 and additional donations in cash or cheque will also be accepted. For more information about the events, visit www.calgaryhelpschile.com

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