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Your chance to be in a Sam Adams commercial

Want to be on TV while drinking one of Boston’s signature brews?

How about being on TV while drinking a Sam Adams, during work hours?

Then bail out of your cubicle and get down to the Salty Pig bar and restaurant from noon until 3 p.m. where the folks from Sam Adams will be filming their next national commercial about why people from Boston like the lager so much.

The pub is located at 130 Dartmouth Street in Boston.

If you can’t bail on work for a few hours to wait in line in hopes of getting on television, here are some Metro tips to tell your boss so you can get out of that office and into a commercial while putting back a bottle of Sam Adams.

A little lie never hurt anyone, after all.

What to say

1. “I have to go to Occupy Boston to donate this basket of hand-woven blankets.”

2. Say “I don’t feel so hot,” then gag yourself so you throw up in your waste basket in front of all your coworkers. They will send you home.

3. Text a friend, tell them to call your office secretary and pretend they are a family member and there is an emergency.

4. Quit. Then leave and go to the Salty Pig.

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