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Your HRM guide to waste not, want not

For many waste programs, municipalities are in charge. If you are ever confused contact the local municipality. The Halifax Regional Municipality’s waste management site is available online or by calling 490-4000. Here is a quick summary.

Every week you can put recyclables at the curb. One week you can put out waste — to a maximum of six bags — the other week you put out compost in your green cart. In the summer compost can go every week.

Recyclables are put in a blue bag, and can include steel and aluminum cans, aluminum foil and plates, glass containers, tetra packs, milk cartons, and certain plastics.

There are seven different types of plastics, which you can differentiate by a number between one and seven printed on the product. In HRM, No. 1 (PETE – short for the plastic type); No. 2 (HDPE), and plastic bags usually No. 4 (LDPE) are recyclable.

Some recyclables, like beverage containers, can also be brought to a local enviro-depot to receive money back. Remove all caps and place in the garbage. Paper and paper egg cartons go together in a separate grocery bag. Cardboard is folded flat and tied. Organic material that biodegrades, such as food waste and boxboard, go in the green cart.

Many electronics are now banned, such as scanners, TVs, computers, monitors and printers. You need to bring this material to a local enviro-depot that is also an official electronic recycling depot. For a complete list call ACES at 1-877-774-3260.

Hazardous waste should not be placed in the garbage. Products like batteries, oil, and propane. On the occasional Saturday, there is a drop off in Bayer’s Lake at the recycling plant. For construction and demolition debris such as wood waste and shingles bring this to the C&D site in Goodwood. They will not take it at the landfill in Otter Lake.

Leftover paint should be brought to an enviro-depot as well. Visit the RRFB site for locations or call 1-877-313-RRFB. If you have usable furniture, contact charities such as Parker Street Furniture Bank or the Salvation Army.

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