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Your pet doesn’t need costumes

Is Fido busting your budget? The costs of pet ownership can add up after veterinary bills, food, toys and other paraphernalia. Stop buying tutus for your feline and focus on providing for your pet’s needs while saving money.

When it comes to food, consult your vet on what’s most nourishing and frugal. Trendy expensive food doesn’t always translate into nutrition, so research a variety of brands and compare prices. You can save a bundle by buying in bulk and using manufacturer, store or online group coupons. If you belong to a loyalty program at your local grocery store, cash in your points for pet food.

Avoid expensive grooming by washing your own pet, brushing its teeth and hair and cleaning its ears. Special shampoos, nail clippers, tooth and hair brushes can be purchased at any pet store. When you take your animal in for a haircut, trim it short.

Proactively manage your animal’s health-care costs by not postponing regular visits to the vet. Regular checkups and appropriate shots will help keep your pet healthy and prevent serious illness. One of the best ways to reduce health-care costs is to ensure your pet receives ample exercise.

Spend wisely and enjoy the inexpensive love and fulfillment pet ownership can bring.

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