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You’re hungover, New England. Here are some recommendations to cure what ails you

Somerville bartender Joe McGuirk recommends hair of the dog, miso soup, McDonald's, C
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How we feeling this morning? Little groggy? Headache? Too much imbibing last night?

We asked a bunch of Boston guys who know booze to help you out.

Coffee milk, says Brother Cleve, a deejay and cocktail menu guru. “It’s a Rhode Island thing, ” he said. “It’s got sugar, it’s got coffee, it’s got dairy to coat the stomach. Try that with a couple aspirin.”

If you’re looking for a hair of the dog, you can’t beat a Bloody Mary “with lots of hot sauce” says Brother Cleve. And don’t underestimate going back to sleep.

An ounce of fernet branca, and a lot of water is the recipe from Josh Childs, a partner at area bars Silvertone, Trina’s Starlight Lounge and Audubon. “It’s a classic. The Italians have been using it for more than a century,” he said.

“When it comes to hangover cures, it’s always something that’s not good for you,” says Joe McGuirk, a bartender at Highland Kitchen in Somerville. He recommends hair of the dog, miso soup, McDonald’s or “any (expletive) food,” Coca Cola, Powerade or Gatorade. For a really severe hangover, McGuirk recommends drinking water until one is forced to throw up.

“I’m hungover right now,” Dylan Black, owner of the pub and restaurant Green Street in Cambridge said yesterday. “I try to usually go with water and a hot shower.”

“All the Way from Tasty Burger does the trick; it’s a burger, 1/2lb dog, bacon, chili, chopped onions & cheese,” says Ian Strickland, the head bartender at Rosebud American Kitchen and Bar in Somerville. “Wash that down with a cold ‘Gansett and then sleep the remainder of the afternoon.”

For a fancier cure: ”Aperol and seltzer with some lemon, though any lower-proof amaro or bitter should do the trick,” says Jenn Harvey, the manager of Temple Bar in Cambridge,

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