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You’re not ready for the Frozen on Broadway soundtrack

Caissie Levy gives an emotionally wrenching performance as Elsa in Disney Theatrical's Frozen on Broadway. Credit: Deen van Meer

This week will bring more than one kind of snow to New York City — March 22 is the official opening night of Frozen on Broadway!

Ahead of its big moment, the Disney Theatrical production has released four new songs written for the musical as a preview of the Broadway soundtrack, which doesn’t come out until June 22. Oscar-winning songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, who also wrote the music for the movie, created 12 new tracks for the show that they describe as exploring the movie’s deeper, even Shakespearean themes.

Out of all the characters, Elsa (played by Caissie Levy) gets the most depth in these new tracks, especially in the anthemic “Dangerous to Dream.” The Act 1 solo is a lament about the danger of wanting things you can’t have — but the danger of not allowing yourself to dream is even greater.

In the playful “What Do You Know About Love?” Kristoff (Broadway newcomer Jelani Alladin) tries to talk some sense into Anna (Patti Murin) — and vice-versa. The delightful track includes the delightful phrase “sweaty, smelly mountain man,” already ensures its status as a karaoke staple.

“Monster” is a heartbreaking solo by Elsa as she wonders if everyone is right about her, or if she should try to make them see the person beyond the curse.

And finally, “True Love” is an Act 2 solo that forms “the emotional climax of Anna’s journey,” according to Anderson-Lopez. It’s also her favorite of all the new songs she and her husband wrote for the show.

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