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Youth give city passing grade, but no A’s on report card

B’s and C’s were the grades given to the city by Calgary’s youth in an overall good report card but there are areas for improvement, according to the results.

The Youth Vital Signs 2010 report gave youth between 12 and 24 years old a voice while replicating past Calgary Foundation’s Vital Signs reports grading the city in key areas.

“We know youth have valid opinions, good ideas and a concern for the future of their communities,” Calgary Foundation’s Eva Friesen said.

The report involved 1,235 youth across the city from different schools, programs and online and asked them to grade 12 key areas and overall the youth gave five B’s and seven C’s overall.

The report highlighted three key areas of concern: Better transportation, more affordable recreation and more affordable education.

Grade 12 student Elisea de Somma said she believes better transportation is one of the biggest areas for improvement for youth but also for the entire city.

Kaiz Alarakyia said that while students graded recreation high, their concern is the cost of the services.

“We think there are great facilities but we can’t afford them. We think a simple solution would be to have student pricing, much like for transit passes,” he said.

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