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Zeroes add up for lucky couple

When five million dollar signs flashed in front of his eyes after stopping to check his Super 7 tickets last Sunday night, Gordon Martin was sure it was a mistake.

The Fort Saskatchewan man was returning home from a weekend trip to Calgary when he stopped at a Husky station to gas up and check his tickets.

“(The cashier) said it was a $500,000 winner, but then we counted the zeroes and it was $5 million. The clerk said ‘I can’t pay that!’” Martin said in a press release.

When he rushed home to tell his wife, Georgina, she double- and triple-checked to make sure the win wasn’t a dream.

“I couldn’t believe it — I’ve never seen that many zeroes before,” she said.

The pair haven’t decided just how to divvy up the millions, but will definitely help family members, travel and retire early.

The Martins could not be reached for comment on Thursday.

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